10-Minute No-Equipment Workout for the Incredibly Busy

no equipment workout

The Workout

Let’s face it, incorporating a healthy diet and fitness is imperative if you want to look and feel great. But what about days when you’re crunched for time?

This quick, 10-minute, bodyweight-only workout uses a series of dynamic, moderate-intensity intervals to work the entire body. It will fit into your busy life, guaranteed!

Remember, something is ALWAYS better than nothing when it comes to exercise. 10-minute workouts like this one are an excellent alternative to skipping a sweat sesh entirely. Turn on some tunes that make you want to move and jump right in.

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  • 10 minutes

Muscles Targeted

  • Total body: You’ll improve your cardiovascular endurance and overall muscle tone.

What You'll Need

  • An exercise mat (optional for comfort)

How to Use This Routine

Focus on the motions of each move and execute them with intention; maintain control and keep your core tight. You can use high or low impact modifications all the way through; choose the variation that works best for you today.

There is no warm-up or cool-down within this particular workout, so you will need to either do it independently or choose one of our warm-ups or cool-downs from the exercise library.

Workout Instructions

  • Each exercise is done for 30 seconds
  • Do this circuit 4 times

The Exercises:

Need a visual? Click on the exercise or check out the FfL Exercise Library for a quick demonstration.

After finishing your workout, don't forget to thank your amazing body for all its hard work!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!

xo, Pam & Kalie


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