17-Minute Cardio and Core Circuit with Descending Intervals

cardio and core circuit

The Workout

Turn on your fitness fire! If you want to get in a solid workout but you've only got 20 minutes to spare, we have a great solution for you.

This total-body workout doesn't require a single piece of equipment to complete, making it the perfect routine for those of us that want to get in some sort of movement on a busy day but don't have time to head to the gym. Crush this workout and you’ll be bathing suit ready in no time!


  • 17 minutes; if incorporating rest periods, duration will increase slightly
    • If you want to make this workout more of a cardio challenge, limit rest time between sets. You may even choose to eliminate rest completely if you want to keep your heart rate high throughout and really work up a sweat. 

Muscles Targeted

  • Total body: You'll alternate between lower body, upper body, plyometrics and core work.

What You'll Need

  • An exercise mat (optional for comfort)

How to Use This Routine

Focus on the motions of each move and execute them with intention; maintain control and keep your core tight. There is no warm-up or cool-down within this particular workout, so you will need to either do it independently or choose one of our warm-ups or cool-downs from the exercise library.
You can download “Seconds Pro,” an interval timer app that takes the mental math out of your timed workouts and allows you to fully focus on your form.

Workout Instructions

  • Round One: Each exercise will be done for 45 seconds.
  • Round Two: Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds.
  • Round Three: Each exercise will be done for 20 seconds.
  • Bonus: One-minute Plank following completion of the third round

The Exercises:

If you’re unsure how to execute an exercise, click on the exercise above to be linked to a YouTube video. 

After finishing your workout, don't forget to thank your amazing body for all its hard work!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!

xo, Pam & Kalie


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