How do we fit exercise into our busy schedules?

We're asked this question A LOT!!! Fitness really does affect your health and wellness. The good news is, a little here and a little there adds up, so go ahead and release the guilt if you're stretched too thin to fit in a full workout.

To make it a lifestyle, all that's required is a little bit of creativity and these seven easy tips to help you fit exercise back into your busy schedule. 

Tip 1: First things first.

Try to exercise first thing in the morning, even if it's just for a few minutes. This way there's no excuses for the rest of the day. If you're in need of a quick daily workout, our FULLforLife Facebook Page features a one-minute move every morning - all it takes is 60 seconds! 

Tip 2: Just get dressed.

If you're not a morning person and prefer afternoon or evening workouts, take your exercise gear to work and change before you leave. Head straight to the gym OR arrive home dressed and ready to break a sweat. You're almost guaranteed to get moving if you've already taken the initiative to put your workout clothes on.

Tip 3: Block out time.

A day or two in advance, take a look at your calendar and schedule your workout as if it was an appointment. Literally, write "exercise" in your day planner!

If you're struggling to find a few minutes, take a look at how you spend your time and evaluate what activities you may be able to omit (e.g., those 20 minutes we spend on Pinterest or Facebook). Sunday nights are a great time to create a schedule for the week. Remember, even a minute or two counts!

Tip 4: Plan what your projected workouts will look like.

Once you've penciled in your workout, think about how you're going to break a sweat. This helps motivate you and makes the process seamless (because no one wants to have to think about WHAT style of workout they're going to do when they have a million other things on their mind).

Are you getting in your FULLforLife minute move from our Facebook page, taking a group class, going for a run or doing an at-home FULLforLife workout? Plan it out so there's no excuses (or confusion) later on in the week.

Tip 5: Include your kids.

It can be difficult to schedule alone time as a parent, so consider including your kids. Let them know you're going to workout and you'd love for them to follow along next to you. We know, getting your family involved might seem like a feat in itself, but when you include your kids you get to spend quality time together, teach them the value of exercise AND get in a quick sweat sesh. WIN, WIN, WIN!

Make it fun by breaking a sweat during a dance off or by creating a challenge. "Let's see if we can complete this circuit two times. Do you think we can do it?" You can even sweeten the deal with a post-workout fruit snack (just check for FfL-friendly Real Food ingredients).

Use exercise as a form of bonding. My mother (Pam) included me in her fitness fun from the time I (Kalie) was walking, and now I'm so excited to do the same with my little girl! To this day, the two of us still enjoy and look forward to working out together. Even if you only get a 10-minute workout in, it's 10 minutes MORE than zero! 

Tip 6: Fit in stealthy workouts.

We all have days where there is just NOT an extra 15 minutes to schedule in a sweat sesh. During those days, fit in small bouts of exercise whenever possible. Do jumping jacks or crunches while dinner is cooking, or squats over your lunch break.

We make it a point to plank for 2 minutes as soon as we get up and each night right before heading to bed. We also love to get in our daily one-minute move from the FULLforLife Facebook Page.

Fitting in small spurts of exercise can make a BIG difference. Even on off days, do SOMETHING!

Tip 7: Do active chores.

Squat while gardening, lunge while vacuuming or tighten your core while washing the car! 

Most importantly, STAY POSITIVE!

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule is difficult and exercise is often the first thing to get scratched from the calendar.

Make fitness a priority and plan ahead. If you happen to miss a scheduled workout, release the guilt and persevere. Remember, one minute is better than none... do lunges while vacuuming, get in your one-minute move or include your kids in a circuit challenge. You CAN do this!

Let's make healthy happen - together!

Pam & Kalie

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