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Lifestyle FAQ

When it comes to self-care and how to live a FULL life, people have a lot of questions. Here, you’ll find those answers, along with some of our other most commonly asked questions.

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What exactly is "living FULL?"

Being able to foster a healthy relationship between your wants and needs, and carving out time to ensure the well-being of your mind, body and spirit, is what we like to call living FULL. It’s living in a state of purposeful existence—one where mindset is key!

It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect or that you’ve got it all figured out, but it does mean that you’re actively and intentionally taking steps toward feeling your best, both inside and out. No fads—when you live FULL you simply aim to make choices that leave you feeling energized, nourished, happy and healthy!

Why should I want to live FULL?

When you actively and intentionally take steps toward feeling your best, both inside and out, you’re able to live the life you love. This begins with you as an individual and, just like a drop of water in the ocean creates ripples, the changes you make will ultimately shape your family and the world around you.

What can I expect from FULLforLife?

Our goal here at FULLforLife is to help you:

  • Effortlessly make healthier choices
  • Focus your efforts and create an effective daily routine
  • Boost your self-care
  • Feel more organized, motivated and in control of your journey
  • Prioritize (and reach!) your goals
  • Stay on track and keep pressing forward, even when roadblocks threaten your progress
  • Live a wildly beautiFULL, happy, healthy life.

I'm extremely busy, how can I make more time for self-care?

There’s a misconception that self-care has to be special occasions, like soaking in bubble baths, getting massages and going for mani-pedi’s. Although all of that’s wonderful, it’s not the everyday self-care you’ll often hear us refer to. The self-care we’re referencing are the things you can to do make sure that your physical and emotional needs are being met. Rather than focusing your efforts solely on luxurious forms of self-care (and stressing about finding the time to do them), slip these self-care practices into your daily routine.

Your mind and body will thank you! Eat nutritious, real food Exercise a few minutes each day (Yep, that’s right—exercise counts as self-care!) Get the sleep you need Reflect on the things you’re grateful for Zen out by popping in your ear buds and listening to one of our Mindset Guides

I struggle with accountability; how can I stick to making better choices?

The best way to make healthy choices is by intentionally taking steps (big or small) toward feeling your best, both inside and out. However, this can sometimes feel overwhelming. Maybe it’s because you’re overloaded at work and home, or because you just don’t have clear direction of where to focus your efforts.

If you’re so busy trying to keep up with the everyday whirlwind that you don’t prioritize your own healthy habits and personal goals, then we encourage you to check out The Healthy Living Log. This SIMPLE but POWERFUL system makes it easy to focus, form good habits and prioritize yourself more.

What’s your view on natural, non-toxic products?

Like all things FULLforLife, we live with the philosophy of flexibility. This simply means focusing on choosing products that are as natural and non-toxic as possible, but not stressing if you can’t ALWAYS use a product that’s 100% green and clean. Simply decide which non-toxic products are most important for you and your family based on your time and money constraints.

If you can’t find a product with the exact ingredients you’re looking for OR it doesn’t fit into your budget, make the best choice possible. We understand many natural, non-toxic products are expensive, which is why we have a DIY section with our favorite cost-effective, homemade recipes for you to try! Rather than attempting to go completely green at once (the thought of that alone is exhausting), choose one or two products to swap out at a time.

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