Fat-Burning Barre Kickboxing with Lisa Hartman (15-Minute Workout)

barre kickboxing

The Workout

Today, we have a fun-filled kickboxing routine with the founder of Lean by Lisa, Lisa Hartman. This exclusive Barre-inspired workout will challenge your mind and body. With combos like Jab, Jab, Upper Cut, Upper Cut, you'll decompress as you visualize what may be causing tension in your life and place it directly in front of each move.

Over the next 15 minutes, you'll use two of our most popular workout styles to boost your mood, burn fat and break a sweat.


  • 15 minutes

Muscles Targeted

  • Total body: You'll improve your cardiovascular endurance and overall muscle tone.

What You'll Need

  • Two light dumbbells: 1-3 pounds (optional)

If using dumbbells, it's especially important to use weights that allow you to push yourself, without sacrificing form. In today's video, Lisa is using 3-pound dumbbells. Choose a weight that is appropriate for you and your strength.

How to Use This Routine

Focus on the motions of each move and execute them with intention; put force behind each movement, maintain control, keep your core tight and make your motions quick.

There is short warm-up and cool-down within this video, but you can always extend them by choosing one of our warm-ups or cool-downs from the exercise library.

Other Workouts to Pair with This Session

Cardio is an important aspect of becoming and staying lean, as well as improving heart health and pulmonary endurance. However, strength training is just as imperative (so much so, that we dedicated an entire post to it).

This workout is great to pair with an upper, lower or total body strength workout throughout the week. Aim to incorporate cardio AND strength into your weekly routine 2-3x a week (each). Even a few minutes counts!

After finishing your workout, don't forget to thank your amazing body for all its hard work!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!

xo, Pam & Kalie


And A More Confident You

If you’re looking for some motivation to get started or an exercise routine that fits your busy life, our challenges and weekly fitness cycles are for you! Get ready to boost your metabolism, tone your gorgeous muscles, radiate positive energy, and achieve the results you want!


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