Video Duration

  • Total time: 34 minutes 37 seconds
  • Workout: Begins at 40 seconds



WEEK 3 wednesday
  • Each round targets a specific area of your body with 5 exercises. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds.
  • At the end of each round there is a 60-second rest.
  • Following completion of rounds 1-5, hold a Wall Sit and Plank for 60 seconds.
ROUND 1: cardio
ROUND 2: upper body
ROUND 3: lower body
ROUND 4: Core
ROUND 5: combo
after completion of rounds 1-5, hold a:
  • Forearm Plank for 60 seconds (or as long as you can hold the plank without compromising your form)
  • Wall Sit for 60 seconds


  • Boat Pose - Rather than elevating feet, touch toes to the ground for added stability.
  • Burpee - Step each foot back into plank position rather than jumping feet simultaneously.
  • Explosive Jumping Movements - Step, walk or use low impact jumps.
  • High Knees - Use slow, controlled high steps rather than fast movements.
  • Side Lying Oblique Crunch - Keep bottom leg grounded.
  • Squat Jumps - Keep feet planted on the ground and do a regular squat rather than jumping.
  • Push Ups - Substitute Knee Push Ups.
  • Tricep Dip with Alternating Toe Touch: Eliminate Tricep Dip and do Alternating Toe Touches.


Before putting your workout gear away, think of something you're grateful for and thank your amazing body for all the hard work it just did!