Let’s get started with our Sofa to Sensational Warmup!


  • Complete each exercise for the specified amount of time.
  • Following completion of the FfL Warmup, you’re ready to move on to the today's Workout
  1. 30 seconds of Jogging in Place
  2. 10 seconds of Alternating Scissor Arms
  3. 15 seconds of Small Backward Arm Circles
  4. 15 seconds of Large Forward Arm Circles
  5. 20 seconds of Alternating Standing Toe Touch
  6. 20 seconds of Jumping Rope (Imaginary Rope)
  7. 20 seconds of Sweep Jacks
  8. 20 seconds of Squats

Let’s finish up with our Sofa to Sensational Cooldown.


  • Each stretch is done for 20 seconds. If a stretch is done unilaterally, do each side for the suggested amount of time.