FULLfoods defined

Below are the general guidelines we live by to cut out highly processed foods and create healthy balance in our diet.

Strive to eat S.L.O.W. foods

S.L.O.W. foods are Seasonal, Local, Organic (or sustainable), Whole foods. They are the only foods that our grandmother's grandmother would have eaten. Eating this way is the most simple, yet powerful way to enhance you and your family’s health.

What you CAN eat:

Eat whole or minimally processed foods (FULLfoods).

 Lean meats and skinless poultry: Locally raised, organic or from a reputable small-scale resource

✓ Wild caught seafood: Preferably caught in the United States

✓ Healthy fats, butters and oils: Lightly salted or unsalted butter; 100% virgin and/or unrefined oils

✓ Fruits and vegetables; legumes and beans: Local and/or organic recommended; canned in their own natural juices or water

Dairy products: Organic, plain, unsweetened dairy; local or pasture-raised eggs when possible; natural cheese

 100% whole wheat, whole grains, flours and starches: Whole wheat or whole grains; products made with limited/basic/nutritional ingredients

✓ 100% natural sugars and sweeteners: Local raw honey, 100% pure maple syrup, unsweetened dates, 100% pure unrefined coconut palm sugar in moderation

✓ 100% natural nuts, nut butters and seeds: No added oils; only the nut or seed and limited salt

✓ Beverages: Unlimited water; 100% pure coconut water or fruit juice, no added ingredients; naturally sweetened coffee or tea; alcohol in moderation

What you should AVOID:

Avoid processed food in general.

Avoid REFINED grains such as refined, enriched white flour or white rice. Items containing wheat should be 100% WHOLE wheat, not just wheat. 

Avoid REFINED sweeteners such as white or brown sugar, cane syrup and artificial sweeteners. 

Avoid REFINED oils such as vegetable oils, butter substitutes and buttery spreads. 

Avoid REFINED snack foods such as pretzels and crackers.

What are FfL-friendly ingredients?

You'll see the phrase "check for FfL-friendly ingredients" throughout many of our recipes and even some topics and posts. This simply means choosing foods that are made with whole or minimally processed ingredients.

Peanut butter (because it's often filled with unnecessary, highly processed ingredients) is a great example of a food we would suggest you check for FfL-friendly ingredients. 

Make the BEST choice possible

We live with the philosophy of flexibility. When we cannot find a certain food or beverage with FfL-friendly ingredients OR it doesn’t fit into our budget, we make the best choice possible. We do the best we can, and we don't stress if we can't always eat this way. 

The 80/20 Approach 

FfL promotes balance rather than an all-or-nothing mentality. This realistic way of eating is sustainable and promotes both healthy foods and self-control.


of the time you focus on eating clean, nutritious, good-for-you foods.


of the time you have the freedom to indulge in some of your favorites.

This is your forever guide to eating whole foods!