How to Improve Your Posture so You Look Slimmer and Radiate Self-Confidence

From energy and self-confidence to looking slimmer, our posture impacts more than we think.  

Standing up straight and sitting up tall will make you look slimmer, appear more self-confident (and we all know if you look good you FEEL GOOD) and help strengthen your core. It's like an ab workout without ever hitting the floor.

Truth be told, it helps prevent you from shrinking as you get older—and neither you, nor we, want to resemble the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's not only important to practice good posture for your own self-care, but by modeling it to your children, you're teaching them to do the same!

The benefits are endless!

  • Increased confidence and greater self-esteem
  • More energy
  • Improved breathing, circulation and digestion
  • Boosted productivity
  • Stronger core (without ever having to hit the gym!)
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less tension in your shoulders and neck
  • Reduced low back pain
  • Encourages your family to practice better posture too!

Here's How to Improve Your Posture, Look Slimmer and Radiate Self-Confidence

When standing:

  • Stand tall, lengthening your spine.
  • Your legs should have a slight knee bend so you’re not hyperextending or locking your knee joints.
  • Drop your shoulders away from your ears (relax them).
  • Draw your shoulder blades together in the back and open your chest.
  • Tuck your chin back, keeping your head aligned above your spine.

When sitting:

  • Your feet should rest flat on the floor, with even weight in both your hips.
  • Lengthen your spine (your back should be mostly straight).
  • Drop your shoulders away from your ears (relax them).
  • Draw your shoulder blades together in the back and open your chest.
  • Tuck your chin back, keeping your head aligned above your spine.

Encourage your kids to practice good posture. 

Some of the best advice we've ever received has been from our mothers. I (Pam) grew up hearing my mom preach about good posture. It may have annoyed me at times, but when I became a mother, I heard myself saying the same things, and now, Kalie has followed suit with her girls.

Putting in the effort to improve your children's posture has huge payoffs. There is even research that suggests good posture helps with concentration, productivity and performance—all extremely important qualities your kids can benefit from!

Keep in mind improving your kiddo's posture requires you to take note of when they are standing or sitting well AND when they aren’t. This helps them understand what correct posture feels like and not feel like you're just nagging them. 

Gently remind them to "stand or sit up straight" and then praise them when they do!

And remember, the most overlooked but useful practice when teaching children almost anything is for you, as a parent, to model it to your children yourself. So sit up straight, stand tall and show them what it looks like to have proper posture!

Caring for your body is important—and you deserve it!

In today’s modern world, it’s easier than ever to find yourself slumped over in front of a computer or your phone for hours at a time. Gradually, poor posture can take its toll on your muscles, joints and ligaments. 

This week, focus on good posture. 

Write yourself a note and stick it somewhere you'll see it, set alerts on your phone and do whatever it takes to remind yourself to sit up straight and practice good posture.

Let's practice good posture so we can look and feel beautiFULL—together!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!

xo, Pam & Kalie

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