How to Make Foaming Hand Soap with Two Simple Ingredients (Eco-Friendly + Cost-Effective)

Foaming Hand Soap

This two ingredient, eco-friendly, foaming hand soap recipe is free of preservatives, harsh chemicals and parabens.

It’s so simple to make that you’ll be wondering why you’ve been spending so much money on store-bought soap all these years.

After having a baby and reading that most cleaners (even those labeled as “natural,” “non-toxic” and “green”) contain a myriad of harmful chemicals, I (Kalie) decided it was time for our family to take a more eco-friendly approach.

The thought of toxic chemicals absorbing into my newborn’s skin and bloodstream was more than enough to warrant change. I started by switching out store-bought hand soap with homemade and never looked back. Now, I clean my entire house with almost all natural-made products.

One of the neat things about homemade hand soap is that you can customize it by adding essential oils. Give it a try, or better yet, make a batch, put it in a pretty soap dispenser, tie on some fancy ribbon and give it to a friend as a thoughtful, environmentally friendly gift!

What you’ll need:

  • distilled or boiled water
  • castile soap
  • oil (optional for moisturizing)
  • essential oil (optional for scent)
  • foaming hand soap dispenser

While you can use a mason jar to make your soap, we prefer to use a foaming hand soap dispenser. It’s much more luxurious than lathering up on watery soap. In the past, we’ve cleaned and re-used one of our empty soap dispensers when it ran out, but you can buy a foaming soap dispenser on Amazon, if you prefer.

What is castile soap?

Castile soap has become a go-to for environmentally conscious people everywhere. It’s a non-toxic vegetable oil based soap that’s primarily made with coconut, palm kernel, olive, hemp and jojoba oil. Because it’s made from plant-based oils, rather than animal fat, it’s biodegradable. Castile soap is typically three times as concentrated as regular soap, so when diluted it cleans gently, yet effectively.

You can use this simple all-natural soap to clean just about anything in your home. It can be used for so many things, including: head-to-toe body care, a multipurpose household cleaner and laundry detergent.

Because of its incredible versatility, castile soap has easily become one of our favorite green cleaning products. It’s environmentally friendly and safer for babies and pets to be around. After giving it a try, it’ll likely become one of yours too!

Where can I find castile soap?

It can be found in most stores: Target, Walmart, grocery stores and Amazon. There are a ton of different castile soap brands, but we’ve found the brand Dr. Bronner’s to be hands-down the reigning champion. It comes in unscented (perfect for babies), as well as scented, such as tea tree and citrus.

Why add oil?

Oil isn’t necessary to make your hand soap but adding a tablespoon of oil to your recipe will help further moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling a little softer. You can use whatever oil you have on hand. Some of our favorite oils are olive, almond, jojoba and avocado oil.

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Foaming Hand Soap

How to Make Foaming Hand Soap with Two Simple Ingredients (Eco-Friendly + Cost-Effective)

  • Course: ,
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cup 1x



Foaming Hand Soap:

  • 1/2 cup (distilled) water
  • 1/2 cup castile soap
  • 1 foaming hand soap dispenser

Optional Moisturizer:

Optional Scent:

  • 57 drops essential oil


  1. In a foaming hand soap bottle, add water first (to prevent soap from bubbling), followed by castile soap and oil. If you’re adding an essential oil (for fragrance) to your soap, top mixture with 5-7 drops. Securely tighten lid, shake and use! Side note: Oil and water don’t stay blended together so you’ll want to gently shake your container before each use.


We recommend organic ingredients when feasible. 


  • Serving Size: 1

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Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!

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