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How to Treat a Stuffy Nose with a Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker (Natural Remedy for Babies & Toddlers)

A true lifesaver when your baby is stuffy and sick

Fall is officially here, which means pumpkin carving, cozy sweaters, and spiced lattes. Unfortunately, this festive time of year also means it’s time to start prepping for cold and flu season and thinking about the best nasal aspirators, humidifiers, and thermometers.

The Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker is one tool that many moms swear by for relief from colds. After two kids, it’s a tool I happily reach for or recommend to suck up snot whenever a cold strikes.

What is a Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker?

Babies are nose breathers, so if their nose is congested they can’t breathe well. If they can’t breathe well, they can’t eat or sleep comfortably. All this translates to a fussy baby and a sleep-deprived parent.

The Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker is a must-have for cold and flu season. It’s basically a new-and-improved version of the traditional bulb syringe. It’s used to remove excess mucus from your child’s nose during a cold or other upper respiratory infection.

Why is it important to remove mucus when sick?

Our bodies make mucus to trap germs, airborne viruses and environmental irritants (like pollen and dust), which prevent them from traveling into our lungs.

Once the contaminants are trapped in the mucus and you remove it from the nasal passage, you remove the trigger that’s exacerbating the symptoms. Hello, RELIEF!

Why do we love it?

  • Removes excess mucus from the nose, helping to prevent/eliminate congestion, sinus headaches, pain, and pressure
  • Helps to minimize postnasal drip
  • Easy to clean

Why the NoseFrida reigns superior over the bulb syringe

  • It is more effective at removing mucus than a manual bulb aspirator.
  • There is more control with suction power.
  • Happier baby! Rather than the tip being placed directly into the baby’s nasal passage, the NoseFrida forms a seal by sitting on the outside of the nostril. This is a lot easier on your little one’s nose and creates less discomfort than a bulb.
  • The main tube is clear so you can visually see how much mucus you’ve removed and the color and consistency of the mucus (clear mucus vs. yellow/green; normal vs. an infection).
  • Unlike the bulb, this can easily be taken apart when cleaned. There’s no concern with lack of airflow and mold growth.

Cons of the NoseFrida

Even with all the good things about the NoseFrida, there are some cons to consider.

  • It can be an intimidating contraption at first for both baby and parent. We assure you, the filter catches everything!
  • It’s better for younger kids and babies. As your baby gets older, it’s more difficult to convince them to stay still. Once your baby is old enough to blow their nose into a tissue, they’re probably past the NoseFrida days.
  • There are five parts to the NoseFrida, which means there’s a possibility of losing a piece. We recommend storing the parts and reserve filters in a Ziploc bag. Immediately after use, clean the parts, allow them to dry and place them back into the bag.
  • The filters are disposable, so you have to remember to restock them when you’re running low. Each pack typically comes with 20 filters and costs around $4.
    • Pro tip: When you’re halfway through the pack order more so you’re not reaching for an empty pack of filters with a crying, congested baby.

How to use it

  1. Put the NoseFrida together (the mouthpiece, suction tube, cap, filter and main tube).
  2. Lay your baby down on their back and keep them in a secure position. If there’s someone available to help out, you can have them gently hold your baby’s arms and forehead still.
  3. Place the larger, main tube at the base of the baby’s nostril (not inside), creating a seal.
  4. Use the red mouthpiece to suck out the snot. Your baby will likely cry (or scream) because of the new and slightly uncomfortable sensation. According to the company, it’s nearly impossible to suck too hard. If you’re concerned about getting mucus in your mouth, don’t fret. The disposable filter is clinically proven to prevent snot and germs from transferring to you.
  5. Dispose of the filter. Wash the large tube and mouthpiece with soap and water while the mucus is fresh and easily washes out.

Adding a saline solution to make things easier

If your child’s mucus is thick, you’ll want to put a couple drops of saline solution in each nostril before using the NoseFrida. The saline solution helps naturally loosen and break up thick mucus and debris from the nasal passage, making it easier to remove.

How to use a NoseFrida: A quick video demonstration

How often can a NoseFrida be used?

According to the company, the device is safe to use up to four times a day.

Where to buy it

You can find the NoseFrida online or at most pharmacies or drug stores (Target, Walgreens, CVS).

Trust us, this amazing device will save your sanity when it comes to cold and flu season.

Your baby may let out a few cries, but when their tiny nostrils are no longer filled with mucus and they’re able to breathe and sleep better, you’ll be glad you used it!

Overall, we give the NoseFrida an A+ because it’s easy to use, works well and is a breeze to clean.

A few other natural remedies to use in conjunction with the NoseFrida


Let’s suck some snot—together!

Have you tried using a NoseFrida? Comment below with your experiences!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!
xo, Pam & Kalie

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