Intro to FULLfitness

full for life

What you need:

  1. At least one outfit to work out in that allows you to move freely and motivates you to exercise. This includes sneakers that are comfortable with plenty of cushion, support and shock absorbance.
  2. A timer, stopwatch or app on your phone (such as “Seconds Pro”) for workouts.


Helpful tools and resources:

  1. Your FULLforLife Food and Fitness Journal.
    • Daily use of FfL ’s Food and Fitness Journal is strongly recommended, especially when initially beginning your FfL journey. Logging what you eat and when you exercise holds you accountable, motivates you and tracks progress. Logging this information is easy and extremely useful.
  2. Your FULLforLife “Reps Challenge Tracker” worksheet, which you will find under the resources section.
    • Throughout FULLfitness, you will complete the Reps Challenge every 2 weeks to track your progress. This helps determine how much your strength and endurance have improved. Your goal is to surpass the numbers you recorded during your previous challenges. Two weeks is a realistic amount of time to be able to see progress when it comes to reps, weekly would be too soon.
  3. The ability to document a starting weight and take progress photos.
    • Photos and weight should be documented every two weeks (starting week 1).
    • Progress photos prove to be a great motivator and document your true physique. Showing skin in these photos isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wear a bathing suit or undergarments, if possible. Remember, these photos are for your eyes only!
    • Take each progress photo in the same room, in the same stance, wearing the same undergarments.
    • We recommend that you take six photos:
      • a relaxed front shot
      • a front shot while flexing your biceps and contracting your core
      • a side shot relaxed
      • a side shot contracting your core
      • a relaxed shot of your backside
      • a shot from behind while flexing your biceps.
    • Don’t suck in your belly during the relaxed photos; you want these photos to be true to your figure so you can document progress accurately.


FULLfitness uses timed workouts. Why?

  • Because this is YOUR workout; it is tailored to you, no one else.
  • Rather than telling you how many reps you must complete, interval workouts allow you to create a workout you are comfortable with. It doesn't matter whether you complete 3 reps or 30 in the allotted time, as long as you are putting forth your maximum effort during each burst of movement (without causing injury, of course).
  • Another reason timed workouts rock? Increasing your heart rate when you exercise in brief intervals or “bursts” can help you receive the best overall fitness results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FULLfitness is the ultimate way to build a balanced & challenging fitness routine. It will challenge you to push yourself, be disciplined, remain consistent and build healthy habits. Each workout will help you burn body fat, tone muscle, increase endurance & feel amazing


Most of our workouts use bodyweight exercises, so no equipment is required. To add intensity and continue to build strength and muscle, we welcome you to incorporate bands and a set of heavy and light free weights into the workouts.


Beginners are welcome! Our workouts can be tailored to your abilities. Each FULLfitness workout incorporates interval training, which you can adapt to your capabilities no matter what level you’re at. Start where you’re comfortable, go slow, and before you know it, you’ll feel fitter than ever!

If you are just stepping into exercise, are a tad nervous to try something new, and consider yourself a true beginner, check out our Sofa to Sensational Program.


Three workouts are provided each week. If you're looking to really tighten and tone, repeat one of the three workouts each week, totaling 4 days. On rest days, try to incorporate 5 minutes of fitness into your day.


The workouts range from 5-45 minutes each, rest time included. Here’s an example of what one of your weekly workouts may look like: Example Workout

Live FULLforLife