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Ready to finally get your family to not only eat, but enjoy nourishing foods?

Buy our Simple Secrets to Getting Your Family to Eat Healthy Food for only $29.95. Limited Time Offer!

Every day, mealtime across America erupts into a battle of women pleading and begging their families (both kids and adults) to eat their veggies, whole grains, and an array of healthy, whole foods. 

The constant struggle, after hours of labored love in the kitchen (all in the name of health), can cause even the most resilient woman to begin to dread mealtime.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Use a no-pressure, positive approach to family mealtime.
  • Eat without having to sacrifice nutrition or persuade your family.
  • Put an end to the dinnertime drama once and for all.

This Special Offer Ends In:

Imagine getting your family to not only eat, but enjoy real food!

Here's what that would look like:

Easy-to-incorporate steps

Follow easy-to-incorporate steps so your family sees value in mealtime and chooses to eat nutritious foods as a result.

Utilize proven strategies

Utilize proven strategies so you no longer need to cook or prepare different meals each time you eat as a family.

Encourage selective eaters

Learn how to encourage selective eaters (both kids and adults) to become more adventurous over time.

Enjoy a variety of foods

Meal plan with ease and enjoy a variety of foods your family will love.

Build a healthy relationship with food

Build a healthy relationship with food and have confidence your family is getting the nutrition they need.

Experience transformative changes

Experience transformative changes and prepare simple, delicious REAL food meals – no bribery required.

Say goodbye to the confusion, guilt, and mealtime struggles.

Hear what people are saying about Simple Secrets to Getting Your Family to Eat Healthy Food

“Before Simple Secrets to Getting Your Family to Eat Healthy Food, I was feeling frustrated and guilty about mealtime. Now, I no longer feel like I’m carrying that stress on my shoulders. I know that this is a long road and will take work, but in the past couple weeks I have seen changes in my family that I didn’t see before.”

“The information in this guide goes far beyond just picky kids and spouses. My elderly father was having a difficult time eating nutrient-dense foods. His physician wanted to supplement his diet with prepackaged shakes. I was able to apply the same pureeing method taught in this guide to help boost his nutrition. It’s made all the difference!”

Transform bad eating habits and make your entire family happier and healthier in the process.

Meal prep is meant to simplify your life, not create more stress. It doesn’t mean prepping, cooking and portioning every single meal for the week ahead (unless you want to).

Our easy-to-implement (but effective) system focuses on mastering habits and routines that make food prep work for YOUR LIFE. By the end of our time together, you will feel calm and totally in control of snack and mealtime.

You’re supported every step of the way.

These are the topics we’ll tackle together

After reading the guide, you’ll be equipped with practical ways to add a little extra nourishment into meals without having to coerce your family into eating foods they find unappealing.


  • Essential gadgets and strategies to organize your kitchen space


  • The foundation of REAL food


  • Know what to say and do when your family refuses to eat real food 
  • A clear plan on how to introduce new foods


  • Add purees into meals in ways your family will never suspect


  • Prepare healthier versions of the food your family already enjoys
  • Incorporate whole foods into dishes in less apparent ways


  • Simplify meal planning and create a rotational menu
  • Come together as a team and chat about “next time”
  • Welcome your family into the kitchen and encourage participation


Your Enrollment Will Also Include These Fantastic Bonuses:

Bonus 1

An exclusive video from Kalie’s kitchen where you’ll “level up” meals together.

Bonus 2

Setting Yourself Up for Success After Grocery Shopping Video

Bonus 3

A fun printable activity that helps children try new foods.

Stop struggling and finally enjoy stress-free meals

Mealtime doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Through this proven, easy-to-follow system you’ll have the tools and resources to create a happy, healthy, real food loving family – no picky-eater persuasion necessary!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

It’s never too late to turn around bad eating habits and make your entire family happier and healthier in the process. If you want to stop feeling like you’re stuck in a mealtime rut and enjoy pleasant, stress-free family meals, then this course is for you.

This guide was created with you in mind if you’re a: 

  • Parent of picky eaters
  • Spouse, partner or roommate of someone who is a picky eater
  • Grandparent or caregiver of picky eaters
  • Picky eater yourself and want strategies to embrace a real food lifestyle

My budget is pretty tight right now. Is this course really worth the price?

It can be scary to invest in yourself and your family. Rest assured that the value of the content, videos, bonuses and exclusive members-only Facebook group far exceed the price of the guide. In fact, combined, the total value of course materials and bonuses is nearly $450.

You’ll move forward with confidence knowing that your family is getting the nutrition they need. In addition, the amount of time and stress reduction is invaluable

Is this a book?

This is not a book, it is an online guide, with a video lesson, downloadable material and recipes.

How is this guide different from other guides and/or courses I’ve seen on the Internet?

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to picky eaters. That’s exactly why we read articles, reached out to other women struggling with similar experiences, asked pediatricians and health-care professionals for ideas and stepped outside of our comfort zone in the kitchen.

What we came up with was practical ways to “sneak” a little extra nourishment into meals without having to coerce your family into eating foods they find unappealing. 

The key methods shared in this guide will create the foundation necessary to address your family’s own unique situation.  Every strategy you uncover will lay down a stepping stone to a better relationship with food for you and your family.

How long will the guide take to complete?

As busy wives and moms we understand what it’s like to not have a whole lot of extra time. Don’t fret, we created this guide specifically with you in mind. 

You should be able to easily watch the video lesson and read the material in one shot. However, incorporating the actual methods largely depends on your family’s own unique situation. It’s important to know that every family is different, and the length of time it will take to incorporate the methods discussed will vary.

How do I access the guide?

All course materials are delivered digitally through an easy-to-access, password-protected, members-only platform called Teachable. It’s very easy to use!

As soon as you enroll, you will receive an email with a link to create an account (if you’re new on Teachable). You can then log in to the site and have instant access to all videos and materials. You will also be able to join the Facebook community, where you’ll find support and encouragement from other FULLforLife women.

What if I have a little one who’s just being introduced to solids?

If your little one isn’t quite ready for solids, that’s great; this guide is still for you! The information shared in Simple Secrets to Get Your Family Eating REAL Food will guide you on ways to avoid picky-eating behaviors in your little one before they even begin!

Does this guide include a meal plan?

No, while you have access to recipes and meal ideas, this guide does not include a meal plan. This was done intentionally because every family’s situation, meal preferences and time constraints are different. Instead of a strict plan, you’ll learn the steps and strategies necessary to make a real food lifestyle work for you and your family – not someone else’s.

Do we have to eat together to benefit from this course?

While we’re not saying you have to eat together EVERY day, we do encourage you to plan to have a few sit-down meals each week (it doesn’t necessarily have to be dinner). Trust us, eating together as a family goes far beyond food and has resounding benefits for both kids and adults.

Does this course cover specific nutritional requirements?

No, this course teaches general guidelines to healthy eating. It does not cover specific nutritional or caloric requirements for children and/or adults.

The information in this course should not be considered medical advice; it is educational in nature. If you have concerns about your family’s weight, health or eating habits, please consult with your family member’s physician.

What’s your return policy?

We 100% believe that you are going to LOVE this course and see positive results after incorporating the action steps associated with each topic.

If you start the program and decide it’s just not right for you and your family, and that a real food lifestyle isn’t going to work for you, no problem. Contact us within 14 days of your purchase, detailing why this course isn’t right for you, and we’ll refund the cost of the course right away.

This Special Offer Ends In: