Since I love supporting local businesses and I'm always looking for quick ways to feed my family, spending an evening at Farm to Freezer in York, PA was a no brainer!

What is Farm to Freezer YORK?

Farm to Freezer helps take the hassle out of grocery shopping, meal planning and countless hours in the kitchen. They offer rotating freezer cooking sessions where you join a group for two hours and collectively prepare six different meals to take home, each serving a family of four!! They also have a "Freezer Club" that provides ready-to-cook frozen meals bi-weekly for pick up or delivery!

I love to create recipes, cook and serve guests dinner, but I’m not opposed to enjoying some great-tasting food prepared by someone I trust! The best part, they use local farmers, butchers, businesses and seasonal ingredients.

A fun "Girls Night Out!"

For a fun "Girls Night Out," a dear friend and I decided to try out Farm to Freezer's Winter Crockpot Menu. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mary Ellen and her friendly staff. All of the recipes, ingredients and the food containers were already set out, all we had to do was show up for two hours, have fun and help put together the delicious menu items.

What I loved most: Mary Ellen and her staff did ALL the prep work and clean up! I value a well-thought out plan and organization, and they nailed it. We simply walked in, opened our bottle of wine, found a station and started combining each meal's ingredients, chatting and having FUN.

The result... SIX easy, healthy, delicious meals to take home, freeze and use whenever we want!! ???? Before finishing up, we were even able to choose from a variety of delicious pre-made food items that are available for the public to stop by, purchase and take home to enjoy!

If you’re a BUSY woman looking for an easy, quick way to feed your family healthy meals...

I highly recommend checking out Farm to Freezer in York, PA. If you don’t live in York, PA, do some investigating and see if there is a local business nearby that offers similar services and support your local community!

Either way, you don't want to miss out on the recipes we made, which are available on their website HERE for anyone to access and enjoy!

THANK YOU Mary Ellen and team!


The wonderFULL Mary Ellen

Combining each meal's ingredients all while having FUN

The Finished Product

Recipes from the Farm to Freezer Crockpot Menu:

Pepper Jack Chicken.docx Pepper Jack Chicken.docx
Size : 297.702 Kb 
Type : docx
Thai Shrimp Soup.docx Thai Shrimp Soup.docx
Size : 299.795 Kb 
Type : docx
Sausage Gumbo.docx Sausage Gumbo.docx
Size : 296.674 Kb 
Type : docx
Chicken Stew.docx Chicken Stew.docx
Size : 296.136 Kb 
Type : docx
Homestyle Pot Roast.docx Homestyle Pot Roast.docx
Size : 298.683 Kb 
Type : docx

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