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Food Scientist Discovery Notebook — Perfect for Picky Eaters


This taste testing notebook will help your kiddos to start thinking about (and become mindful of) flavors so they judge food by how it tastes, rather than how it looks. They’ll see eating new foods as a fun activity, rather than something they’re forced to do. 

What kid doesn’t want to be a mad scientist?! A little imagination can go a long way…

Mixing, matching and creating new culinary concoctions is a great way to have a little fun while exposing your kids to new foods. Kick it up a notch by staging your kitchen as a scientists’ lab, wearing silly glasses, putting on a crazy colored lab coat or including this game as a fun slumber party activity. 

You can even make it a blind taste testing game with a simple bandana as a blindfold. Because girl or boy, who doesn’t love stepping outside of the day-to-day to become a world famous scientist who conducts food experiments with his or her amazing assistant (you!), in their luxurious laboratory? 

Our family, friends and fellow Food Scientist veterans have had a lot of success with this taste testing game and we know you will too!

If your kiddo is (actually) fearful of new foods. 

If your children are genuinely fearful of new foods (we’ve had fellow mommas experience this first hand), this discovery notebook is still for you! This notebook will allow you to reassure them that trying a food they don’t like won’t hurt them. They can start out by tasting it with their tongue, rather than chewing it, or they can spit it out if they discover it’s something they don’t like (And let’s be honest, what kid wouldn’t be down with that?).

Put on your lab assistant attire and get ready to observe, explore, experiment and then share your scientific findings together!

This digital library includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on becoming a food scientist
  • Food Scientist Discovery Notebook (perfect for children ages 2-8)
  • Notes for next time

A $14.00 Value!

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