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Sofa to Sensational 28-Day Fitness Challenge – Limited Time Price!

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Ready to boost your metabolism, boost your gorgeous muscles, radiate positive energy and achieve the results you want?

Get ready to be motivated to be your most fit and confident self! The 28-Day Sofa to Sensational Challenge will keep you on track and take exercise from a stressful and daunting activity to one that’s simplified and even enjoyable!

Imagine if in just 28 days you could improve your diet and fitness, and reach your healthy goals!

Here’s what that would look like:

  • Increase your fitness and strength, whether you’re a beginner or just
    ready for a new challenge.
  • No guesswork means faster results. Your 28-Day Sofa to Sensational
    Challenge includes a day-by-day calendar so you know exactly what
    workouts to do.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos. We work out with you! Our daily
    workouts focus on total body toning. We show you what to do and how
    to execute each move.
  • Time-saving workouts that deliver. Make it easier to find time to work out
    with our short, effective workouts.
  • At home or at the gym, you can exercise wherever it best suits you.
  • Become fitter, stronger and more confident today. Stay on track and have
    a blast along the way.

Are you ready to look and feel amazing? Here’s what’s included in the 28-Day Fitness Challenge:

  • Easy-to-follow schedule
  • At-home video workouts
  • Weekly nutrition tips
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • Access to our private Facebook community

As part of your package, you’ll also receive a downloadable, printer-friendly Food Log, our favorite smoothie recipe to help fuel up before and after your workouts, our Positive Self-Talk Guide, to help you build a strong mind to boost confidence and self-esteem, and a weekly assessment to track how much strength and endurance you’ve gained.

Let’s get started!


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