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Overnight Chia Pudding with Fresh Berries

This Chia Pudding topped with fresh berries and fruit is not only a quick make-ahead breakfast, it’s a healthy snack and way to curb your craving for sweets!

Made with only five good-for-you ingredients, it’s creamy and satisfying. For even MORE flavor, you can top your pudding with Chocolate Lovers Granola or Candied Nuts.

Are Chia seeds good for you?

Chia seeds are tiny, edible seeds that come from a desert plant. They’re packed with nutrients, are a great addition to any healthy diet, and help the body run as a well-oiled machine.

Not only are chia seeds naturally gluten and grain free, many consider them to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Historians have even shown evidence that the ancient Aztecs and Incas used these little powerhouses for stamina and energy. So, there’s no doubt that they pack a mean health punch.

Some benefits of this inexpensive superfood:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • These polyunsaturated fatty acids have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.
  • Fiber
    • Fiber aids in lowering “bad” cholesterol, helps you to feel fuller, longer and provides fuel for good gut bacteria – basically it’s great for digestive health.
  • Plant-based proteins
    • Protein aids in muscle building but the real kicker is that the combination of fat, fiber, and protein creates an optimal environment for a long, slow release of energy, without spiking blood-sugar levels.
  • Antioxidants
    • These goodies fight against free-radicals which damage cells and contribute to aging (eeek wrinkles!!), cancer, and other health conditions.
  • Vitamins and minerals

How to store Chia seeds and their shelf life?

We learned about Chia seed shelf life the hard way. A few months back while trying to perfect this recipe, one of us kept having dud batches (the pudding wouldn’t set) while the other didn’t. We were using the exact same recipe and portions so we knew that there had to be more to the equation.

After some research, we learned that Chia seeds stay freshest in an airtight container, in the fridge or freezer and if stored properly (both in and out of the fridge/freezer) are good for about 2 years. If your pudding isn’t setting, you may need fresh Chia seeds.

Serve it for brunch and fancify it for your guests.

If you’re entertaining and really want to impress your guests, use martini glasses to serve your chia pudding.

A great pre/post-workout snack.

This chia pudding is the ultimate exercise snack. A small bowl (about 1/4 cup) is loaded with protein and fiber, is super filling without being heavy, and the Chia seeds offer a healthy fuel for stamina and endurance.

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Overnight Chia Pudding with Fresh Berries

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This Chia Pudding topped with fresh berries or fruit is not only a quick make-ahead breakfast, it’s a healthy snack and way to curb your craving for sweets! Made with only five good-for-you ingredients, it’s creamy and satisfying.



Chia Pudding:


  • 1 tablespoon chopped almonds (for even MORE flavor, use the Candied Nuts recipe linked above)
  • 1/2 cup berries or fresh sliced fruit


  1. Using a 1 pint mason jar or resealable container, add chia pudding ingredients and stir. Some people like thicker versus thinner chia seed pudding. Feel free to adjust the ratio by adding more or less milk.
  2. Let sit for 10 minutes, then stir again once the chia seeds have started to gel. If you notice your chia seeds aren’t starting to gel after 10 minutes, you may have dud chia seeds. This can happen if they’ve been sitting in your pantry for too long.
  3. Place lid on container and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Add almonds and fruit before serving. Enjoy!


We recommend organic ingredients when feasible.

Always check for FfL-friendly ingredients.

  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Category: Recipes
  • Method: Prep Now, Cook Later, Too Easy, 30 Minute Meals

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