True story: We could probably eat this toast all day, every day.

You might think we’re joking, but this toast was named Dreamy Apple Cinnamon Toast for good reason.

This simple recipe can be served as a sensational breakfast, as a pre- or post-workout meal, for lunch or as an outstanding after school snack. For an extraordinary appetizer, cut bread into 1-inch squares, toast, top and enjoy! We haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t loved this simple recipe. Even our family, picky eaters included, go wild over this quick-and-easy breakfast toast.

Busy mom tip: If you’re anything like us and your mornings are pretty hectic, slice your apples the night before, put them in a container in the fridge and you’ll have little-to-no cleanup in the morning.

Kid-friendly: Make it fun by allowing your kids to get creative and decorate their toast with the apple slices and pepitas.

If you’re vegan, no problem. Just omit the cottage cheese and you’ll have a delectable breakfast, without the dairy!

Top tips for making this Dreamy Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Toast:

  • Choose FfL-friendly bread, made with limited ingredients that you recognize such as grain, water, yeast and salt. The refrigerator or freezer section of the supermarket is a great place to find these loaves.
  • Choose a high quality nut butter, one containing only the nut and a minimal amount of salt. You can read more on nut butter in our post, The Dirty Truth About Grocery Store Nut Butter (Spoiler Alert).
  • Choose cottage cheese that’s made with simple ingredients such as milk, cream, salt, enzymes and active cultures.
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Dreamy Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Toast (Gluten-Free + Vegan)
Dreamy Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Toast GOODNESS! This super easy recipe is great for a quick and healthy breakfast, pre- or post-workout meal, healthy after-school snack or extraordinary appetizer. Sweet and savory, comforting and light - you can make it with your favorite bread.
  1. Toast bread in toaster or oven. Top toast with nut butter, cottage cheese, honey, slides apples and pepitas. Garnish with cinnamon. Enjoy!
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