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Become fitter, stronger & more confident!

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Say Yes to Healthy: Simple Tips For Staying Slim & Trim

Simple ways to shed pounds without breaking a sweat.

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Winging it doesn’t work…

Increase your fitness and strength one work out at a time!

Your Secret to Success!

“I can’t express how transformative Sofa to Sensational was for me! The program was perfect for helping me go from my sedentary lifestyle to a more active, balanced lifestyle. The program’s variety of exercises kept me engaged and challenged for 28 days. I lost five pounds during the challenge, but the positive impact on my overall well-being was truly surprising. I not only look better, I feel better! I highly recommend Sofa to Sensational to anyone looking to kickstart their fitness journey!” – Bethany

28-Day Fitness Challenge

Sofa to Sensational

In just 28 days you will improve your diet, fitness, and reach your health goals!

Increase your fitness and strength, whether you’re a beginner or just ready for a new challenge.

No guesswork means faster results. Your 28-Day Sofa to Sensational Challenge includes a day-by-day calendar so you know exactly what workouts to do.

Step-by-step instructional videos. We work out with you! Our daily workouts focus on total body toning and show you how to execute each move.

Time-saving workouts that deliver and make it easier to find time to work out.

At home or at the gym, you can exercise wherever it best suits you.

Become fitter, stronger and more confident today. Stay on track and have a blast along the way.

  1. Designed for beginners or those ready for a new challenge.
  2. A day-by-day calendar so you know exactly what workouts to do.
  3. Step-by-step instructional videos.
  4. Time-saving workouts.
  5. Exercise anywhere, any time.
  6. Staying on track with fantastic bonuses created to boost your outcome!

3. Live FULL

We’ll Help You 

Totally Transform Your Mind & Body



Ready to prioritize your health, create a strong, confident and vibrant you and set a positive example for your family? Unlock the expert coaching & proven tools your wellness goals have been missing with Live FULL. We’ll show you exactly what to do (and when)!

Women in Our Community Have

Lost weight

Increased their energy

Balanced hormones

Lessened their toxic load

Built strength & stamina

Supported their gut health

Improved sleep quality

Felt more relaxed & confident 

Became a meal prep pro

Inspired their family to join the wellness journey!

4. Explore More

Resources to Help You Move More

Fitness Articles

These valuable articles will help get you in the right mindset to break a sweat, stay motivated on your busiest days, tone your gorgeous muscles and achieve a sleek, sexy you!

FULLfitness Courses

Start at the beginning… or choose a package that’s right for you. Each package works your full body and comes with guides and printables to help you on your journey!

FfL Workouts

A huge selection of workouts to help you look and feel your best. Search by length, target area, equipment and type.