This week's tips encourage you to focus on staying dedicated and disciplined! 

Two FULLfitness Tips to Focus on this Week:

Something is always better than nothing!

We all have busy days. Recognize your time constraints and the benefits of properly managing your time. If you don’t maintain regular exercise, you will lose all of the improvements you worked so hard to achieve. Allow yourself grace but continue to push through crunch times because something is always better than nothing!

Remember to warm up, cool down and stretch. 

It may seem like a time saver to cut out your warm up and cool down now that you're 10 weeks into the program, BUT doing so causes more harm than good. Just like you shouldn’t start your car in the cold and speed off without allowing time for the engine to warm up, you don’t want to jump into a workout without warming up. Think that's bad? Not cooling down is like going from a 100 MPH to zero with no brakes—not a good idea! Make sure you are still taking at least 2 minutes to warm up and cool down each time you exercise.