This Week's FULLfitness Challenge:

In addition to your FULLfitness workouts, invite a family member or friend to "take the stairs" with you this week. Go to a local school stadium and walk, jog or run the stairs for 3 minutes, 5 times. Make it fun by motivating each other as you pass one another on the stairs. You can slap high fives or offer an encouraging "keep it up." It's not a race, just a challenge to stay moving. If weather doesn't permit, find an indoor staircase at the mall or use your staircase at home.

Bonus: Between each 3-minute round, do 10 Push Ups, 10 Jumping Jacks and 10 Crunches. Remember, you can modify any exercise when necessary.

Come on FfL friend! Pretend you're training for preseason and get your "sports fan" heart pumping, blood flowing and sweat going.