You did an outstanding job incorporating FULLfitness into your life over the past 12 weeks.

Now, it's time to track your progress by recording your weight and taking your monthly progress photos.

Remember, these photos are for your eyes only! Take each progress photo in the same room, in the same stance, wearing the same undergarments. It is recommended that you take six photos: a relaxed front shot, a front shot while flexing your biceps and contracting your core, a side shot relaxed, a side shot contracting your core, a relaxed shot of your backside and one from behind while flexing your biceps. Don’t suck in your belly during the relaxed photos; you want these photos to be true to your figure so you can document progress accurately.

You can step up your results by increasing your workouts from 3 to 4 days a week.

Just repeat your Friday workout on a day of your choosing throughout the week. If it is a Reps Challenge week, complete the entire workout. It is not necessary to record your reps. 

Keep up the great work and have a FULL, fun and fantastic day!