Congratulations on completing Week 7 of the FULLfitness Program.

Integrating fitness into your life can be a bit challenging at first. If you had a difficult time incorporating three different workouts last week, choose one workout this week and repeat the same routine for your Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts.

The goal is to incorporate fitness so it becomes a lifestyle. Until you get accustomed to or familiar with different exercises, modify your fitness regime in ways that promote success! 

Two FULLfitness Tips to Focus on this Week:

Listen to your body.

It’s important to listen to your body’s warning signs and respect your limits. The harder you push yourself, the more drastic the results. That being said, while you’re encouraged to work hard by stepping outside of your comfort zone, DO NOT push yourself past your capabilities. There’s nothing wrong with modifying an exercise when necessary. Listen to your body and don’t cross a line that may cause potential injury or harm. When it comes to fitness, always err on the side of caution.

Check your intensity.

Throughout each workout ask yourself, “How do I feel?” If you feel that you’re working at a level that is too difficult and cannot be sustained, reduce the intensity. If you feel that you’re not working hard enough, increase the intensity.