Make a conscious effort to incorporate BOTH water and the "Breathe and Squeeze" into every workout. They are essential when it comes to exercising successfully. 

Two FULLfitness Tips to Focus on this Week:

Try to take a drink of water at least every 15 minutes during your workout.

Water and working out go hand in hand. Not only does water help regulate your internal thermostat, it shuttles nutrients and oxygen through your entire body. It lubricates your joints so you can move easily, keeps your muscles hydrated to prevent cramping and helps you sweat, which cools you down! Think of water as human WD-40.

When exercising, tell yourself “breathe and squeeze, breathe and squeeze!”

Two things to remember at ALL times when working out: BREATHE and SQUEEZE. Be aware of your breathing pattern and contract the muscle group you’re working while also contracting your core. Keeping your core contracted during an exercise not only promotes optimal muscle use but also helps to protect your back.

How do you breathe properly while working out? Let's practice! Start by taking a deep breath through your mouth or nose, causing your belly to rise, like filling a balloon. Remember you want your belly to rise, not suck in toward your spine.  Exhale slowly out your mouth, causing that “balloon” in your belly to deflate.