• Begin with your FULLfitness Warmup.
  • Complete your Week 11 Wednesday workout.
  • After completing the workout, enjoy your FULLfitness Cooldown.
  • If you're unsure how to conduct an exercise, click on the exercise below.

Do the "Breathe and Squeeze!" 

Always do what you can. Push yourself to do your personal best – whatever that may be.


  • Boat Pose - Rather than elevating feet, touch toes to the ground for added stability.
  • Burpee - Step each foot back into plank position rather than jumping feet simultaneously.
  • High Knees - Use slow, controlled high steps rather than fast movements.
  • Push Ups - Substitute Knee Push Ups.
  • Squat Jumps - Keep feet planted on the ground and do a regular squat rather than jumping.

JOB WELL DONE! You’ve completed your Wednesday workout. Give yourself a huge high five!