Food and Fitness Trackers

Maximize results and reach your health and wellness goals with these helpful trackers. You see, many of us believe we have a good idea of the types and amount of food we’re eating and how often we’re working out. The truth is, people widely underestimate these things, which ultimately prevents them from crushing their goals—research has shown this!

By keeping a record of your food intake and your level of activity with the Daily Food and Fitness Log, you’ll become more aware of and strategic about your food and exercise choices. The Reps Challenge Tracker will motivate and encourage you to build endurance and muscle with a simple bi-weekly fitness challenge.

This Digital Library Includes

How to Use the Food and Fitness Trackers

Daily Food & Fitness Log

Reps Challenge Fitness Tracker

Video Walkthrough of Reps Challenge (BONUS)

Get ready to maximize your results and reach your health and wellness goals!