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Discover a whole new way of healthy living that you can easily maintain for life.
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Take control of your health and happiness.

Let’s face it—as busy women in all seasons of life, following through with wellness goals can be a bit challenging. You start the week with great intentions but inevitably things come up and the white space you carved out gets pushed to the wayside.

You’d like an accountability buddy and maybe you’ve tried other logs in the past, but they haven’t worked.

You can’t seem to stick with it. It’s too overwhelming, time-consuming or maybe you just don’t have clear direction of where to direct your efforts. You feel like you’re missing something, but don’t know what.

If your ready to finally prioritize your wellness… the Healthy Living log is for you! 

See how just 5 minutes a day can help you move toward healthy habits and achieve the daily wellness you’ve always wanted.

“This is BY FAR the best planner I’ve ever owned. It’s the first time in my adult life that I finally feel like I’m making real progress towards my biggest goals. It’s not just a planner, it’s a system for taking control of your life. I’m so, so grateful!”

– Michelle

Imagine having a proven process to make space for healthy habits and personal goals that actually works.

Here's what that would look like:

Effortlessly make healthier choices from a place of self-care and nourishment.

Streamline your focus on what you actually want to accomplish.

Eliminate stress and feeling overwhelmed, and carve out more time to do the things you love.

Follow easy daily prompts to track your habits.

Make intentional choices to overcome hurdles that stand in your way.

Be present and start actually enjoying your life, rather than feeling like you’re just going through the motions.

Cultivate more positive, empowering thoughts that bring joy into your life.

Utilize proven strategies to create, and sustain, the healthy life YOU love.

Try the log that’s helped countless women prioritize themselves more and create healthy habits.

So much more than just a pretty log (but its is very pretty), The Healthy Living Log is designed to help you nourish yourself, move more, cultivate joy, reconnect with yourself, find focus and finally live the healthy, FULL life that you never believed possible, all in one place. It’s a system that works.

The truth is, you don’t need just another log.

What you need is a SIMPLE but POWERFUL system that makes it easy to focus, form good habits and prioritize yourself more. The Healthy Living Log uses a proven method that allows you to pause, be present and move toward health and happiness, one day at a time.


Prioritize your personal goals


Boost your self-care


Live a wildly beautiFULL, happy, healthy life

When you make space for self-care

Your Whole Life Will Begin to Flourish.

The Healthy Living Log provides the perfect balance between long-term planning and daily accountability. With easy-to-follow daily prompts, you’ll track your habits, manage your mindset, streamline your focus and celebrate your progress.

Gain Clarity

Identify your biggest, most important goals with our step-by-step blueprint and break them down into manageable bites that keep you focused and on track.

Lower Your Stress

Live Your Best Life

Play and Live the Radiant Life You Love

Focus Your Efforts

Each morning you’ll be prompted to connect with your vision and take control of your time.

Prioritize Your Personal Goals

Reconnect to Your Worth

Live a Wildly BeautiFULL, Happy, Healthy Life

Amplify Your Inner Joy

Mindset is powerful medicine. Throughout the day, you’ll celebrate life’s blessings and guide yourself to more positive and empowering thoughts that reshape how you think and see yourself.

Prioritize Yourself More

Eliminate Feeling Overwhelmed

Pursue a Lifestyle of Wellness

Take Action

As you’re met with challenges, you’ll have the resources necessary to reconnect with your higher self and overcome obstacles.

Daily Prompts

Daily Accountability

Move Toward Health and Happiness

Track Your Habits

In just 5 minutes a day, you’ll quickly and easily keep tabs on the healthy habits that set you up for success.

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Check Ins

Healthy Habit Reminders

Boost Your Self-Care

Celebrate Your Progress

With weekly, monthly and quarterly review pages, you’ll pause and reflect on the goals and healthy habits you’ve been able to achieve so far and take time to CELEBRATE your wins!

Make Healthier Choices

Crush Your Goals

Spend More Time Doing What Matters Most

This journal changed our lives.

Hi beautiFULL, we’re Pam and Kalie! 

And we know exactly what it’s like to struggle with creating healthy habits—just like you may be now.

We spent years looking for a simple way to tackle our wellness goals. We craved a tool that would not just help us become aware of our habits, but also hold us accountable, keep us motivated and help us streamline our focus. There had to be a fun way to live intentionally and track our progress without spending hours doing it, only to be left feeling defeated.

Well, we couldn’t find it, so we decided to create it. Thus, the FULLforLife Healthy Living Log was born. This simple but powerful system uses a proven method that allows you to pause, be present and move toward health and happiness, one day at a time. After using it, we can honestly say it’s changed our lives.

It’s literally the roadmap for self-care we’ve all been waiting for!

    xo, Pam & Kalie


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    Living FULL Guided Tour

    $29 value

    Get a guided tour of how to use the Healthy Living Log from Kalie in this energizing coaching video. She’ll share some amazing tips, walk you through the log and chat about creating a clear path to living FULL.

      “The HLL has allowed me to set realistic goals and develop daily habits to prioritize my wellness in ways I never imagined. I’m a busy mom and have tried other accountability tools in the past, but they’ve been too time-consuming. This log is different—it’s so simple to navigate. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and I have been eating healthier, exercising regularly and practicing self-care daily. It’s changed my life!”


      Take a closer look

      What comes with the Healthy Living Log

      The Healthy Living Log is the only wellness log that comes with a proven self-care system to help you make healthier choices, crush your goals and spend more time doing what matters most.


      8.5” x 6” DURABLE COVER



      THICK, 70 LB. PAPER

      120 PAGES







      Create Healthy Habits

      A $54 VALUE

      Health Living Log Achieve a life you love


      + shipping

      Focus Your Efforts

      Nourish Yourself

      Reduce Stress

      Move More

      Amplify Your Inner Joy

      Celebrate Life’s Goodness

      Prioritize Yourself More

      Achieve A Life You LOVE


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What’s included with my purchase of The Healthy Living Log?

      • Nine pivotal points of focus to guide you toward optimal health through visualization, mindfulness, conscious eating, movement, self-care and reflection
      • A step-by-step blueprint to plan your goals and break them down into manageable bites
      • Daily check-ins to keep you inspired, accountable and on track
      • Eight of our favorite resource guides, including a plate guide, grocery shopping list and meal prep checklist
      • Prioritized to-do lists
      • Daily reminders to be good to your body
      • Daily positivity practices that reshape how you think and see yourself
      • Weekly, monthly and quarterly review sections to take inventory of what’s working and what’s not, so you can celebrate your progress and plan your strategies for the weeks to come

      There are so many logs out there. How will this one benefit me?

      Whether you’re a grad student craving healthier habits, a busy mom looking for ways to prioritize self-care, a business professional wanting to reconnect with yourself or an empty nester looking to get back on track, this log is designed to support your overall wellness and fit your unique needs.It’s for anyone looking for inspiration, motivation and direction in setting better goals, taking focused action and improving their wellness.

      The Healthy Living Log will help you track your daily habits, guide you to more positive and empowering thoughts and streamline your focus so you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and are able to easily zero in on the daily habits that move you toward living the vibrant life you love.

      When will I get my log?

      All logs should ship within 2-3 business days after the order is placed. We’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your order. Please note that our distribution center is not open on the weekend, so any planners ordered after 11:00 am ET on Friday may not ship until the following week. Due to the nature of printing and manufacturing, quantities are limited. In order to guarantee your copy, we strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible.

      All log orders are shipped out in the order they are received. To ensure your log reaches you successfully, please double check the shipping address during the checkout process, prior to submitting your order. We are unable to cancel orders or make changes to order information once the order is finalized.

      Is The Healthy Living Log dated? When can I start?

      The Healthy Living Log is UNDATED, which means you can begin using it at any time!

      How long does the log last?

      Each log is designed to cover 12 weeks. That means 12 weeks’ worth of simple ways to tackle your food, fitness and lifestyle goals are waiting for you in each log.

      Can I send The Healthy Living Log as a gift?

      Absolutely! The Healthy Living Log makes a GREAT gift and we think it’s pretty incredible that you care about supporting the healthy habits of the people you love.

      How can I use my log?

      There are no rules for using The Healthy Living Log. Each log comes with an introduction to the concept with instructions and suggestions for getting the most out of it. The pages of the log also guide and prompt you to find your flow and what works best for you.Use every space to design, create, and transform it into whatever you want it to be. Get colorful, be creative and have some fun!

      What size is the log?

      The Healthy Living Log is 8.5” x 6”, which is approximately the size of an iPad.

      How much is shipping?

      Domestic shipping within the United States is $5.99 per shipment. We offer free standard shipping in the continental U.S. with any $65 purchase (excluding sales tax). 

      If you live outside of the U.S. and want your log shipped internationally, your shipping will depend on your location and will be calculated at checkout. Import duties, taxes or other charges are not included in our shipping price. Always make sure that you consult with your country’s customs office prior to purchasing to determine these specific prices.

      What is the return policy?

      We understand that this is an investment for your life and future. Committing to a log can be a big decision and we want you to feel excited and confident with your purchase of The Healthy Living Log. We ask that you please take the time to review all the information, photos and dimensions of the log before you commit to buying. Please be sure to double check the shipping address during the checkout process, prior to submitting your order.

      We are unable to cancel orders or make changes to order information once the order is finalized. All orders are final once placed, unless damaged or defective. If you receive an order that is damaged or defective, please send images of both the FULL front and back cover, as well as a photo of your packing slip to [email protected] and we will reply with the next steps.