Foundations for a Healthier You: Initial Health Coaching Session

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The kickoff session is essential as it clarifies your wellness goals and creates a personalized plan, ensuring we start on the right path to enhance your overall well-being.

Objectives of Today's Session

  • Review and complete paperwork.
  • Establish baseline metrics with the Lifestyle Review Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Pinpoint key areas of focus and set both long and short-term goals.
  • Save FfL as an icon on your phone.


Goal Crushing Worksheets

Action Steps

  1. Complete the goal-setting worksheet (long-term and short-term goals) in your Healthy Living Log.
  2. Begin tracking daily habits in your HLL.
  3. Document starting weight and pant size.
  4. Take progress photos. Take each progress photo in the same room, in the same stance, wearing the same undergarments. If possible, take these photos around the same time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). Don’t suck in your belly during the relaxed photos; you want these photos to be true to your figure so you can document progress accurately. We recommend that you take six photos:
    1. A relaxed front shot
    2. A front shot while flexing your biceps and contracting your core
    3. A relaxed side shot
    4. A side shot while contracting your core
    5. A relaxed shot of your backside
    6. A shot from behind while flexing your biceps.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and living FULLforLife!
xo, Pam & Kalie