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Overcome Emotional Eating Toolkit

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Discover our digital library of helpful cheat sheets, logs, and checklists to help you make peace with food, break free from uncomfortable emotions, cravings, and reclaim your life from chronic dieting.

Your Overcoming Emotional Eating Toolkit digital library includes:

  • How to Use the Overcoming Emotional Eating Toolkit
  • The 6 Signs of Emotional Hunger Verses Physical Hunger
  • The Hunger Scale Guide
  • Mindful Eating Cheat Sheet
  • Daily Emotional Eating Log
  • Weekly Emotional Eating Review
  • Emotional Eating Reference Card

These easy-to-follow tips and practical worksheets will help you become more aware of and break free from your uncomfortable emotions, cravings and chronic dieting.

A $97.00 Value!

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1 review for Overcome Emotional Eating Toolkit

  1. Cathy

    These worksheets are incredibly useful. I have the hunger scale on my fridge and the reference card in my purse. They have proven to be extremely handy. beneficial!

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