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Peanut Butter Banana Pops (Kid-Friendly + Halloween Approved)

This simple and healthy Halloween treat allows you to keep that fun, spooky spirit alive without all the seasonal sugar! While our family does love a sweet treat, especially around the holidays, all that sugar isn’t good for an everyday snack.

How to Give Your Halloween Treats a Healthy Makeover

These Ghost Pops are a healthy alternative to candy that taste like a delicious dessert without all the added sugar! They make a fun Halloween (or year round) snack and won’t leave you or your kids hyped up on sugar, making them the perfect WIN!

The Dirty Truth About Grocery Store Nut Butter

Have you ever been curious and checked the ingredients in nut butters at the grocery store, even ones that are labeled “natural?” We love looking at labels (we know, we’re odd birds), and nut butter is one of the world’s most popular spreads, so we wanted to spend some time at the store checking out the big name nut butters that fill our market shelves.

What we discovered was this:

Nut butters fall into ONE of TWO categories. They’re either highly processed junk food or minimally processed and good for you, in moderation of course.

What to look for when shopping for a quality nut butter:

Choose nut butters made with only the nut and a limited amount of salt (basically, the nut ground up into nutty goodness and occasionally a limited amount of salt… nothing else).

Nuttzo Organic Nut Butter is BY FAR our FAVORITE nut butter. They use quality ingredients and have a variety of different flavors. The Crunchy 7 Nut and Seed Butter is Kalie’s personal favorite and worth every penny. Another great (more cost-effective) option is Costco’s Kirkland Signature Mixed Nut Butter.

If your family loves nut butter as much as ours, you’ll want to check out this article: The Dirty Truth About Grocery Store Nut Butter (Spoiler Alert). You’ll be surprised by what you discover!

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Peanut Butter Banana Pops (Kid-Friendly + Halloween Approved)

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With Halloween around the corner, there’s no way to hide from candy. Instead of passing up on all the sweets, scare your sugar cravings away with these ghostly treats. They’ve become such a hit in our house that we eat them year round!




  1. Cover a small plate with half of your coconut flakes.
  2. Cut each banana in half widthwise. Insert a popsicle stick into the flat end of each banana, about an inch to an inch and a half deep. Coat each banana evenly with nut butter.
  3. Roll banana in coconut flakes using your hands to press flakes into the nut butter until covered.
  4. Use two chocolate chips for the eyes, pressing the pointy end into the banana.
  5. For a quick snack, enjoy immediately. Our favorite way to eat them is frozen: Wrap each banana pop in parchment paper and freeze for 2-4 hours. Remove from freezer and enjoy or store in the freezer in an airtight container for 3-5 days.


We recommend organic ingredients when feasible.

Always check for FfL-friendly ingredients.

  • Prep Time: 2 min
  • Category: Recipes
  • Method: Prep Now, Cook Later, Too Easy
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  1. Betty

    Do you have to freeze it? Does it taste good when you finish making it?

    • Kalie

      Hi Betty! You don’t have to freeze them if you plan on eating them right away. We love to make them and eat them shortly after and then pop a few extras in the freezer for snacks throughout the upcoming weeks. They’re one of Isla, my oldest daughter’s, absolute favorites. We hope your family enjoys them as much as ours!

  2. K.A.

    My kiddos absolutely LOVE these snack bites. I make two batches and freeze them. I pull a snack bite out of the freezer in the morning and put it in each of their lunch boxes. Good, healthy ingredients. A true 10/10!!

    • Kalie

      We’re so glad you and your family love them! Preparing two batches at once is a great way to save time in the kitchen. Enjoy!


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